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The original sleep aid bundle designed to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

✅ Developed by doctors

✅ Superior quality products

✅ Holistic sleep support

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The SolidSleep difference

Developed by Experts

Created by a team of medical professionals who were inspired by firsthand experience with poor sleep quality and its negative effects. They created SolidSleep to be the ultimate sleep solution for individuals and families.

the solidsleep difference

Holistic Support

We take a comprehensive approach to sleep, from the moment you lay down to the time you wake up. With two innovative products designed to work in harmony, SolidSleep is the only sleep aid brand offering total sleep solutions.

the solidsleep difference

Superior Quality

We champion superior materials and rigorous quality control when manufacturing its products. From non-irritating mouth tape to all-natural, organic ingredients, our products are made with care, guaranteeing only the best.

Sweet Dreams Delivered to 100+ Customers 😴

" I've struggled with sleep for years and discovering SolidSleep has been a game-changer. The mouth tape is such a simple concept, but it made a world of difference and I found myself waking up feeling more refreshed. "

- Sam S., Riverside CA