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SolidSleep Mouth Tape

SolidSleep Mouth Tape

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Daily use of SolidSleep mouth tape promotes better oxygen intake through your nose, reducing snoring and resulting in quality, uninterrupted rest.

  • 30-day supply (< $1 per day)
  • Designed by medical experts
  • Superior quality materials
  • Non-irritating and easy to remove
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Customer Reviews

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Mouth Tape

Mouth Tape has been a game changer for my sleep. I wear a retainer at night and find it hard to keep my mouth closed while I sleep. With the mouth tape I don’t have to worry if I’m accidentally mouth breathing bc it keeps my lips closed. It is also very comfortable to wear. Before Mouth Tape I tried using different types of tape. None of them worked very well and all were uncomfortable and irritating to my lips and skin. Mouth Tape is the best combination of materials. It has a little hole in the very front that allows you to take in a small amount of air through your mouth if you need to, which reduces panic when first learning to nose breathe only. I highly recommend this product. The more research I do, the more I learn how important it is to be a nose breather rather than a mouth breather.

The Mouth Tape is an amazing product, easy to use and super helpful.

Amazing Product, easy to use and super helpful.

Allison Danielle
Changed my life!

Solid Sleep mouth tape was a game changer for me, helped improve my sleep quality overnight. Excited to try their other products.